Caixa Cultural, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Caixa Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil

Curator: Isabel Sanson Portella


1. Illegible passage | 2016

In this work, I repeatedly transcribed two accounts given by Marguerite Yourcenar of a single event: the burial of the ashes of Grace Frick, with whom she lived for 40 years. The first is from her personal diary, a short account shot through with the emotion of immediate reaction. The second was written in response to an interview and shows us the famous novelist rather than the woman.

Both accounts are as fine as they are moving, but the second one is actually a short literary piece. The juxtaposition of writing in my work has its source in Yourcenar’s doubt about whether or not to make public that part of the interview, as well the illegible passages of her intimate diary.

  • writing on typewriter ribbon on tracing paper
  • 32 x 57 cm (diptych)

2. Red | 2011

In spite of the delicate embroidery, for which several the thread is twisted around the needle several times prior to the piercing of the fabric, this work puts us in mind of droplets of blood: of violence suffered, imposed or voluntary.

  • French knot embroidery upon two linen liturgical vestments and two strips of Normandy cotton
  • 115 x 72 cm and 125 x 78 cm

Photo: Pat Kilgore