PLAY | 2013

Museu Bispo do Rosário, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Curators: Fernanda Pequeno and Marta Mestre

1. The copy of the copy of the copy | 2006-07

Collected in small paper pads, these drawings make up a diary of images––affective references––taken from books, newspapers and magazines, as well as my own photographs.

  • drawings transferred with carbono onto JB brand note pads, newspaper, carbon paper
  • variable dimensions
  • OTHER EXHIBITIONS: “Déambulations,” Centre de Photographie de Lectoure, France / “Desenho em todos os sentidos,” Sesc Petrópolis (RJ), Brazil

2. Bic drawings | 2008-10

This set of drawings was made with the intention of transferring and printing (with the aid of carbon paper) geometric symbols on large rolls of Oriental paper. A long-term work process that deals with the passage of time and the fragility of life.

  • chamex copy paper, BIC pen
  • 29,7 x 21 cm

 Photos: Renato Bezerra de Mello