Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Art director: Maria Teresa Leal

1. Memory is the seamstress, and a very fine seamstress at that. Memory makes the needle run in and out, up and down and to and fro. We know not what comes next, what will come later | 2007

Using a collection of embroidered initials in cotton, which served to mark who owned a clothing, I developed, together with artisans from Cooparoca, a cooperative of Rocinha [favela], in Rio de Janeiro, this idea of ​​a garment that would have belonged to countless numbers of women.

  • initials embroidered on cotton smock
  • 150 x 50 cm
  • OTHER EXHIBITIONS: “Amor,” Museu Casa de Benjamin Constant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Galerie Caroline Vachet, Lyon, France

Photograph: Wilton Montenegro