Between green and violet | 2014 – 16

This work relates to others similarly based on the movement of coloring, in infinite shades of blue, different types of paper, in an allusion to marine surfaces. Tracked down at stationers throughout the city of Oporto, the paper labels are the last to absorb the ink from hydrographic pens whose felt––once it has dried––becomes material for another work.

  • old paper labels, Letraset pen ink
  • series with three formats: wall pieces, 25 x 135 cm and 30 x 30 cm; and suspend part in the ceiling, 180 x 10 cm
  • EXPOSIÇÕES: “Limites, fronteiras, interseções entre a arte e o design”, Caixa Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil / “Entre céu e água,” Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo: Pat Kilgore