Remembrance | 2019

The word “remembrance” printed in 37 different calligraphies, taken from small vegetable paper objects — painted, handwritten lace paper — made in the convents of Pernambuco to celebrate religious events. Kept as heirlooms by the women of my family, they reflect a delicate manufacture that no longer exists.

  • French high relief print on Conqueror Bamboo Natural White 500g paper, with painted lateral finish
  • metal plate engraving and manual inkjet print work by Gráfica Marly, Rio de Janeiro
  • set of 37 prints | edition of 03 + 02 AP
  • 14,5 x 18,2 cm (each card) | 106 x 265 cm (the set)
  • EXHIBITIONS: “O que a gente não tem coragem de jogar fora”, Galeria Inox, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo: Wilton Montenegro