Memory is the seamstress, and a very fine seamstress at that. Memory makes the needle run in and out, up and down and to and fro. We know not what comes next, what will come later | 2007

Drawers filled with embroidered initials cover a woman’s smock and occupy the main room in the museum home, in its turn already full of stories that unfold in its mirrors. The design for the smock was taken from my collection of initials and executed in partnership with seamstresses from a cooperative in [the] Rocinha [favela].

  • initials embroidered on cotton smock
  • 150 x 50 cm
  • EXHIBITIONS: ‘Amor,’ Casa Museu de Benjamin Constant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Galerie Caroline Vachet, Lyon, France / ‘Retalhar,’ Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / ‘Que Nosso Nome Não Caia No Esquecimento,’ Galeria Anita Schwartz, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Photo: Cláudia Elias